The whisper

This is crazy… there’s no way…

I’ve been praying for months that God would show me my purpose. Show me how to bring meaning to my life. Show me the path that God had ordained for me and only me. When I quit my job a few months ago I just knew he was going to put me on some amazing path. And then it happened.. I heard the whisper.

I’ve always struggled with my weight but it’s a battle I just accepted I was always going to be fighting. I’m part of a group that helps and boy do they ever. They pick me up and dust me off they help me remember that I can keep fighting every day and take joy in the successes when they come.

Slowly like the tide coming in, the idea of doing something in the fitness field occurred to me. My gifts are loving people, believing in people, lifting them up and helping them see what I see in them. I love working out. And since I am on a personal journey to better overall health it occurs to me that working in the health and fitness field would serve so many causes.

But that’s crazy right? It’s not possible that this is what God has planned for me. I could never… where would I start? How would I get my friends and family up off the floor when I tell them this bat crap crazy idea? Who the hell would take fitness or health advice from me? 

But man would I love that… hmm..must percolate on this idea.. more to come.

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