Surprise! Another post about my kids ;-)


I read a book a while ago “the purpose driven life” and it lead me to seek out my passion, what inspires me, what am I obsessed with…

Well this may come as a shock to you my dear reader… but it’s my kids.. I just spent a very warm sunny Saturday traipsing all over six flags, it was hotter then hell but I had such a great time.

And I’ve been making a summer bucket list for me and the kids that I am looking so forward to. The thing is I LOVE spending time with them. They are no where near close to being my best friends, and they never will be but that’s another post, however they are absolutely my favorite kids in the world.

Now don’t misunderstand  all these “my kids are amazing ” posts. I REQUIRE alone time, I look forward to breaks from them and worship date nights and Yaya nights.  However I am quickly realizing that no matter what job I do or what career I’m pursuing. Being their mom is always going to be my favorite job.  I can’t think of anything that fills me with more joy.

They are my passion, they are my purpose.

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