I love movies, there I said it. I love old movies, new releases, of every genre. I’m (almost) ashamed to admit that I have found myself under a pile under blankets watching a marathon of movies. This obsession with the moving reel begs the question, which would play me in the movie of my life. Anyone who knows me or the TV shows Gilmore girls/mike &molly knows the actress who would play me, her name is Melissa McCarthy, she and I could have been separated at birth (and a few years, ha ha). My movie would be a romantic comedy I think; I’m pretty upbeat and definitely have a flair for the dramatic as well as inserting my own foot into my mouth. I have a tendency to get myself into Lucille ball like predicaments.

Have you figured out who would play you in the movie of your life? What genre of movie is it? Is it a comedy? Tragedy? Drama? Horror flick? Ha ha how does the movie end? Who is writing the script? And why aren’t you?

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  1. Leah W says:

    I’ve thought about this a bit, and I can’t remember who I thought of the other day that I thought would be perfect to play me. lol However, I think Lauren Graham could pull off my “specialness.” If I’m going for someone who looks like me well, i don’t really think I resemble anyone in Hollywood or vice versa but I do get told that the chic from Twilight looks just like me, Kristen Stewart (I don’t see it).

    It would probably be a dramatic comedy w/a little bit of action/adventure thrown in. The movie would end with me sitting in a boat fishing or standing in a river in waders, fishing, happy as a pig in slop. With all things in life in order…. Oh and just as the credits start to roll, I fall face first in the water. Cause that’s just how my life goes :0) Always gotta end w/a laugh.

    I’m not sure who would write it, maybe the Farely bros, lol. I couldn’t write it because it would be a 10 hr movie since I ramble so much.

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