Verbal diarhea

     Ill confess that I am a very outgoing person and I tend to try and impress new people in my life with my……awesomeness. This is usually a good thing, I’m pretty good at connecting with people but I’m get verbal diarrhea way too often. The problem is that I do NOT have a filter in between my brain and my mouth. I’ll start spouting off random stuff about a topic of mutual interest. And I can SEE the other person fading out; you would think that after noticing this that I would change the subject or you know, SHUT UP. Nope, I may have the right to remain silent, but I do not possess the ability. For instance, a new friend of mine is VERY pregnant (as in due any day) she stopped by recently to deliver some stuff id left at her house, we started talking pregnancy and those precious months after pregnancy. I could see her fading out (could be exhaustion, could be boredom either one I completely understand) logic told me to shut up and let the poor girl go home and put her feet up but I KEPT talking, I kept talking about stupid stuff she didn’t really need to know (like how much that first month sucks (remember that? The no eating, no sleeping, DEFINATETLY no showering)) my head was screaming shut up: You are overloading the poor thing with too much info she is not prepared to hear and instead I blathered on and on… sigh.

   To her credit she was very sweet and laughed along with my stupid jokes but after she left I emotionally smacked myself upside the head. Have any of you ever had a bout with this horrible condition? Did it turn out good or did you end up wanting to tape your mouth shut.

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4 Responses to Verbal diarhea

  1. Leah W says:

    I live in a constant state of verbal diarhea. I feel sorry for poor Olen sometimes but he does a fairly decent job of listening through it…. especially for a man! :0) I often have a hard time shutting up especially when I’m tryin to explain something, I tend to over explain to the point that sometimes I sound like I’m trying defend myself or something.

    • Terri Buck says:

      I too suffer from this terrible virus! I do it a lot when I am nervous and I just want everything to go smoothly in a conversation. My biggest thing is I will start to tell a story then back track to give highlights and cute little key points, then try to finish my story..UGH..

  2. 1rosex says:

    Brent watches t.v. and I just talk talk talk talk talk talk. He doesn’t care so neither do i.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yeah… this is still an issue for me…lol

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