Hey there, come on in and pull up a chair…

hey there, so most of you know me already but ill introduce myself to those who are sitting down for the first time. I’m Amanda, a 31-year-old mother of 2 fabulous children and a wife of a (semi) fabulous husband (going on 13 years now). We are a (very proud) military family, living in the south and loving it! the purpose of this blog is to knock it off my bucket list, (more on that later)  and to have a place to “sit” and chat with my girlfriends, my blog is named “the table chat” because whenever I have my girlfriends over we sit around the diningroom table, (usually with snacks and drinks) and just spend hours laughing and talking. But since my girlfriends are spread all over the country I rarely have all of my favorite girls in the same area for chats, this is my solution to that. So come on in, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, cocoa, heck grab a glass of vino if that’s your thing) and let me know whats on your mind today…

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One Response to Hey there, come on in and pull up a chair…

  1. Amanda says:

    I really am going to try and commit to this again… I’d love to actually get to the point where I am blogging several times a week… we’ll see

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